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DPC Guestmix Series 13: Disco Tech

The 13th installment of our DPC Guestmix Series comes today from Disco Tech.  Disco Tech (not to be confused with Discotech) is a producer/DJ/turntablist from Stockholm, Sweden.  As his name might imply, he specializes in all things Disco as well as Funk, Soul, and Hip Hop.  He has made a name for himself  by taking old-school tracks in these genres, and editing them to have more nu-school, dancier vibe. 

This year, Disco Tech launched his own label, called DiscoDat and has been busy pumping out releases.  In April, he released his own First Pressure EP which consisted of 6 re-works of some classic songs (You can buy it here).  This EP was followed by two volumes of his Funky Heroes releases which all feature Disco Tech edits of some excellent Soul, Funk, and Disco tracks.  If you enjoy that old-school vibe, then you have to check these out (Vol 1, Vol 2).  Volume 3 is in the works and should be out soon.  DiscoDat has also recently released two compilation albums, featuring various artists, including Disco Tech.  These releases are called Tales From the City (Vol 1, Vol 2).  On top of all of this, Disco Tech also has three volumes of DJ friendly edits packs that he has done that are all available on his website.

Interview and GuestMix After the jump...

Disco Tech was nice enough to answer some interview questions to help our readers to get to know a little more about him.

DPC: First we would like to thank you for taking the time to do a Guestmix for DPC and for answering some questions for our readers. We saw that you were from Sweden, do you still live over there?

Disco Tech: Yes, born and raised! Still live here in Stockholm
DPC: How would you characterize this guest mix you did for DPC?

Disco Tech: A mixture of Disco in all forms Nu, Slow, deep and some original groovers in there too. Disco can be characterized in so many ways , and that was more likely my approach with this mix.

DPC: You do a lot of edits of old school songs, how do you decide which ones your want to do?

Disco Tech: When i hear a track that I think could use a rework I listen and I do the build up in my head first.  Mostly I here it straight away if I can do something with it or not.  It can be anything and I can be anywhere.  Lately, I get a lot of recommendations from people all across the continent and thats a good thing.  I get to hear music I've never heard before and also a wider spectrum of possible reworks.

DPC: Do you focus most of your efforts on production or do you play DJ gigs as well?

Disco Tech: I would say its 50/50. I DJ 3 times a week and produce about the same, so it evens up.

DPC: Your style definitely has more of an old-school vibe, what kind of music did you listen to growing up?

Disco Tech: I didn't have any musical upbringing in my family. It was when I was 11 and moved to Stockholm that I discovered the early 90's Hip-Hop scene known as the golden era, and that's where it all began for me. I started to buy lots of Hip-Hop records; my vinyl collection is 70% Hip-Hop I would say. After that it was Funk, Soul, and Disco. Discovering all the samples that, for instance, Premier, Pete Rock, and Rza used.

DPC: What have you been listening to and which artists have you been impressing you the most lately?

Disco Tech: Its so hard to name specific artists. I would say that my music listening has moved more and more towards the Disco/re-edit / Slow-Mo Disco scene.  More to what you are about to hear on this mix actually .

DPC: Whats your favorite move to bust out when you cutting a rug at the club?
I'm a turntablist from the start, battled a lot back in the day. Represented Sweden in the World DMC 2008 competition.  With that said I would use my scratching and juggle skill in my sets to bust the club.

Big thanks to Disco Tech for taking the time to answer some questions and put together this great Disco Mix for DPC. 

I've listened to this mix several times already, and thoroughly have enjoyed it each time.  Its a perfect mix to ease you into your work week, or to enjoy before going out and hitting the dance floor.  While our last few guest mixes have featured a range of House music, this one takes us back to our roots of Disco Dance Parties!  From the first track, LTJ Xperience's remix of Copyshop's "The Entertainer" you can tell this is the direction the mix will take you.  However, its not just one form of disco, it spans the generations with re-redits of classic disco burners like Tony Orlando's "Don't Let Go" to more recent Nu-Disco edits like Only Children's "Falling."  This mix clocks in just over an hour and wraps up with Joey Negros edit of Jackson 5 classic, "Shake Your Body (Down to the Ground)."

Without further ado, here it is, Dance Party Chronicles Guest Mix Series 13: Disco Tech!

1. Copyshop - The Entertainer (LTJ Xperience RMX)
2. LTJ - Beggar Groove
3. Ben La Desh - Motion
4. Duff Disco - Catch Me Out
5. Bastille Edits - Not This Time Baby
6. Only Children - Falling
7. Tony Orlando - Don't Let Go (Pete Herbert edit)
8. Get Down Edit - Make your body move
9. Komiko - Feel Alright (Bonar Bradberry Edit)
9. Jago - I'm going to go (FK Instrumental mix)
10.Theo Vaness - Love me now (The Noodleman Dub)
11. 6ix Toys - Sisters Of Soul Brothers Of Funk (GW version)
12. Joey Negro - Shake Your Body Down To The Ground

Learn more about Disco Tech and his music at these websites:
Disco Tech Soundcloud
Disco Tech Edits Soundcloud
Disco Tech Website
Disco Tech Facebook

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