Friday, October 19, 2012

The Round Up, Vol. 6

This Round Up is an amalgamation of old and new - my apologies if you’ve heard and re-heard any of the oldie mixes. At least the Drippings are always fresh :). Without further ado..

Della Zouch - ALiVE Recordings Podcast

This first mix comes to us straight from the heart of London, courtesy of Della Zouch. A decade-long veteran in the U.K. House scene, Zouch has just recently begun to break out a little with stellar releases and remixes off Kote Records and ALiVE Recordings. His sound is pure London Deep House - furious hi-hats, spacey progressions, and rumbling basslines. His new Slow EP that dropped a couple of days ago is excellent, a track from which is featured on this mix. And what a mix it is - great selection and mixing, all showcasing Zouch’s penchant for melodic, rhythm-driven Deep House. Keep an eye out for this guy in the next couple months. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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Moda Mix Series 17: Mia Dora

Is there something in the water across the pond that seems to spawn all these great House DJs? Next up, Scotland natives Mia Dora. These guys first caught my eye with their (I hate giving this one out but...) release off Moda Black, titled Occam’s EP. The namesake track, Occam’s Razor, blew me away. Check it out and listen for yourself. Regardless, when I saw this mix pop up, I dropped everything and gave it a listen. I was not disappointed in the least. In a little under an hour, Mia Dora expertly swings back and forth from deep and creeping, moody and contemplative, and upbeat, frequently dipping into 90’s striped House and never getting bogged down in one sound for too long. I had a lot of fun with this mix, and it really reaffirmed my belief that the best from these guys has yet to come. Stay tuned.

Dashdot - Live at Inminimax Records

The next mix comes straight from the, shall we say, gentler climes of South America, courtesy of the DJ/producer duo Dashdot. Like the dark, brooding, pulsating type of Deep House a la Amine Edge & DANCE, Kolombo, etc.? These guys are the Brazilian equivalent. Interspersed between twanging snyth lines, aggressive hi-hats, and plunging bass is some seriously soulful and funky track selection that gives this mix a vibe its own. Dashdot exists right on the periphery of the Deep House scene right now, but with their talent and sound, I think they’re poised to explode in 2013.

Kyodai Poker Flat Podcast

It should come as no surprise to me that our next mix comes to me from Poker Flat Recordings, a record label that has consistently been one of my favorites for the past 3-4 years now. One of their newest projects, Kyodai, are the brains behind this hour and 15 minutes of bliss. I couldn’t dig up much information about the duo save what their name translates into from Japanese (“brothers”), but after listening to the mix, I can tell why label boss Steve Bug signed them. This is “IDM” at its finest - rhythmic, complex, spacey, and contemplative House that makes you forget that you’re listening to a mix or to a couple of DJs. The mixing and track selection are pitch perfect. Keep an ear out for the handful of originals that Kyodai sprinkles across this mix as well. Bug prides himself on making Poker Flat one of the most unique labels out there, and Kyodai only adds to the immense talent he’s been able to assemble under his roof. This is my personal favorite mix of the bunch, just excellent stuff all the way around.




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