Friday, May 25, 2012

Serie Disko! Nº15 - J.A.Z.

We’ve been a little busy at DPC “offices” -Ha!-. Busy with the usual unrelenting search to find and share the music we love. Busy locking down exclusive content -*cough*Incoming on Monday*cough*.
 Busy getting bigger and better.

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This weekend, half of the DPC crew will be out in Detroit for Movement Electronic Music Festival (a.ka. DEMF) doing what we do best: dancing, partying, and chronicling. So, look forward to some great post-festival coverage when the gang returns. Meanwhile, look out for your DPC resident selector, Remote CTRL, to be making noise in the District all weekend (see: Events).

But you didn’t come for promises of dance parties. You came to get your Friday Fix, amirite? Today’s comes from the aptly named Disko! Selectors. It’s the 15th in their Serie Disko and comes by way of DJ called J.A.Z. The mix is a Disco and New Wave collision. It’s like a Donna Summers, Giorgio Moroder, and New Order love child, in DJ mix form. Most of the tracklist is beyond me, but I can say with certainty that there are gold and rarities throughout. It will be revealed next week however. In the meantime, just jam out to the spacey, funky Disco grooves J.A.Z. has put together for us.

**If you’re at DEMF and see a tall guy wearing DPC shirt, be sure to High-Five him. And if you’re looking for a dance party in D.C., let us point you to the dance floor.**

Have A Great Weekend!

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