Friday, May 18, 2012

Oh, You Didn't Know?

It’s Funkadelic Friday ya’ll! Today I wanted to bring you an arsenal of new music that I have stumbled upon these past few weeks. There were a lot of great EP’s and singles release this merry month of May (and April), so I figured do a new segment I’d like to call, “Oh, You Didn’t Know?”. 

This is not a, “I know more than you” or “I know something you don't know” kind of deal. This is an opportunity to showcase some awesome music that I think deserves your attention. Now, do I have your attention? Good. Let’s get ready to put on our funk-face masks and gets to head bobbin’!

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Coming in with their tenth vinyl release, Dikso Records hit us with their magic stick, yet again! This four track EP is available on 12” now and is a must get for you vinyl junkies! Nahn Solo’s “Supervisor” is the first on this A-side gem. This Deep House edit has sultry harmonized vocals that will surely lift your weekend spirit.

Huxley & Daniel Solar deeply send off the first side with “Dancing With Your Heart”; a song featuring the uber talented Miss Bee (I have a secret not-so-secret crush on her!). The track is a four on the floor standard deep dopeness with stabby synths, but Miss Bee’s siren-like vocals transform the melody into a musical journey through the the eyes of a disco vixen.

Side B starts of with Balcazar and Sordo’s “Stay With Me” a bass-heavy super soaker of a track, then finishes off with my personal favorite ,“One More Chance”, by Satin Jackets. I don’t know about you all, but I’m pretty sure I’ve never heard a Satin Jackets’ song I didn’t love. This track features Natalie Conway, a Sydney born artist who is sure to be the next “go-to” Nu Disco/House vocalist.
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A couple months ago I stumbled across Mighty Mouse’s remix of Nyteowl’s “Love of Mine”, and lets just say, mine love is found! This song literally has everything you need and can ask for in a dance track. Mighty Mouse’s genius is never questioned by me, ergo I’m not so surprised at how much this song takes me down to FUNKY TOWN. You can grab this lovely tune on clear vinyl here and

digitally here.

Taking it back to a more Disco vibe, OneIIOne’s “Saturday Night Fever” is one of my new favorite groove tracks. Funky guitar licks, hand claps, and deep bass...oh my! This Hungarian duo has peaked my interest and I am looking forward to future productions.

Kasper Bjorke has a new single, “Deep As The Breath”  that was put out on German-based HFN Records. I am a huge fan of the PillowTalk remix and I am a little obsessed with these guys. So, I might be biased, but I’m pretty sure it's just damn good! Kasper Bjorke and PillowTalk make a championship combination, take note LeBron and Wade.

For all of you DC dance machines I hope to high five and swap rounds of whiskey with you this weekend! Soul Clap vs Wolf + Lamb will be at U Street Music Hall on Saturday. Penguin Prison will be at Rock and Roll Hotel, and I’ll be playing disco upstairs that night as well. And because of my admiration and man crush I have on the Wolf + Lamb family, i will be wrapping up my set early to get to U Hall to catch the tail end. By the way, what’s the fastest/safest bike route from H st to U st? Happy Friday!!!!

R.I.P. Chuck Brown and Donna Summers! This weekends dance-offs will be for you!

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