Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Love, Peace, and Soooouuul!

Hey this post is a slight deviation from the norm, but don't worry there's sweet (and relevant) mix waiting at the end for you. Anyway, DPC has had the chance make friends/connections with some great people in area who share the same love of music, dancing, and questionable life decisions as we do. This dance music stuff we like so much seems to be on the up and up and we've been shown plenty support by those established and involved in it. So, this post is just to show a little of that support back...and promote the thing we love and enjoy the most: Disco mother F'in Dance Parties!

Like any epic dance party, this one started as just an idea. It originated from the mind of the cookie-munching monster of a disc jockey, Mr. Bonkerz. Next to cookies, I'd say his passion is only surpassed by that for Disco, Funk, and Soul music. So with the recent passing of Soul Train's Donald "Don" Cornelius, what better way to honor the very man whose pioneering television program introduced, spread, and influenced that music, than to throw a get down-and-dirty dance party? Well, as good ideas have a way of coming to fruition, once the word was out on this one, D.C.'s finest selectors quickly hopped on board to make it so:

It's all going down Friday March 2 at The Black D.C.! Featuring a few of the District's hardest working DJ's: The Metaphysical, Mr. Bonkerz, Williiam DeVon, Trev-Ski (doing special tag-team set with special guest: DJ Fleg), this event is shaping up to be something special. Expect classic cuts of boogie, funk, disco, soul...(Yeah, all that stuff your parents were breaking a sweat to)...

AND original edits:

Expect Soul Train lines, good times, and good vibes. Expect to honor a legend, a legacy of great music, and to leave sore and sweaty from moving your groove thang all night. Oh, also expect Afros, bell-bottoms, and platform shoes! :D

Basically, I couldn't put it in better words than the Don himself did so many times before, " can bet your last money, it's all gonna be a stone gas, honey!"

Don't forget to check out our Shows/Events page for upcoming DPC recommended dance parties in the DC area!

As promised:


Bernard Wright - Master Rocker
S.O.S Band - Take Your Time Do It Right
Con Funk Shun - Curtain Call
Dayton - We Can't Miss
Illja Rudman - Show Me The Magic
Africa Bambaataa - Frantic Situation
BB & Q Band - Dreamer
Patricia Rushen - Number One (Instrumental)
Herbie Hancock - The Bomb
Future World Orchestra - Miracles
Brothers Johnson - Q

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