Friday, December 9, 2011

Kris Percy's "Spy VS. Fly" Mix

Oh, HEY Dance Partiers!

Yeah, I’m still around. Been slacking on the posts as of late, but there’s no love lost, right? Becca and Tyler have kept you all current with some sweet mixes…and umm cooking adventures :P

Well let me make it up to you all at least. How about a real sleazy Disco/House mix from one-third of Sleazy Beats Recordings label heads,Kris Percy? Yeah? ... I thought that might do the trick!

Alright, let’s see if I remember how to do this: First off,the track list looks lovely. I’m writing this as the mix nears closing and I’mhappy to report it’s just as lovely on the ears. There’s a definite mood settingvibe to this one; patient and deep grooves with hints of sexy and soul willkeep the body in sway and head nodding in beatdown bliss. I was feeling thetracks by Pools, Lumnidisco, Katzuma, and Tornado Wallace, and that’s no discreditto the others. This mix is real smooth and sort of chugs along with slowerBPMs...but definitely earns its “Dance Party Approved” stamp from me, as it keptme grooving from start to finish.

I hope it does the same for you...


1. Pools - Tubbin (Spills)
2. Luminodisco - Too Night (House of Disco)
3. Double Hill - A Little More (Double Standard)
4. Noodleman - Starlight (Kolour)
5. Katzuma - Stooned (Kinjo)
6. Skylevel - Hooker In Paris (Skylevel)
7. Get Down Edits - Hang On (Get Down Edits)
8. Suzanne Kraft - Morning Come (Running Back)
9. Kid Sublime - Basement Works Vol. 1 *Bside (Jahwell)
10. Move D - Track 1 (Workshop)
11. Tornado Wallace - Don't Hold Back (IOR)
12. Tom Croose - Cho Chua (Resista)

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