Saturday, October 8, 2011

Shiny Disco Club: Millenium Disco Volume 2

Welp, while Becca and Rashad are off in the hills of West Virginia avoiding Samsquanches (any TPB fans out there?) and having whiskey fueled dance parties in the forest, I'm stuck in the office working this weekend. I'm not too upset though because of a great compilation album release that occurred yesterday. I'm talking about the Shiny Disco Club's release of Millennium Disco Volume 2. This album has made my Saturday morning in my cubicle surprisingly enjoyable.

For those of you not familiar with the Shiny Disco Club, it is a record label/group of artists that consists of Cherokee, Kartell, Mix Chopin, Viceroy, Hana Yori Kichou Na, Darius, and Drame. All of them are definitely worth checking out when you have the time. This 24-track compilation album contains some great Nu-Disco and French House. Nearly all of the songs on the album are quality, but a few stood out to me. Vanguard's "LeJeune" starts off the album with a lot of energy and some great breaks. Track 6, Mjolnir's "Yea It's You" has a Caribbean Disco vibe that is very catchy. There is also some really good synth work in the middle of the song. The tenth track, Karl Rose's "Drama Queen" is a very upbeat song that I could cut some serious rug to. Track 16, "I Want You" by Combostar has a great groove going on that is quite dancey. The last few tracks slow down a bit for a nice, relaxing outro to the album.

If you enjoy this album, you should also check out Millenium Disco Volume 1. Both compilations are available to download for free on Shiny Disco Club's soundcloud page. Have a great weekend everybody!
Shiny Disco Club - Millenium Disco Vol.2 (SDCR 007) by Shiny Disco Club
1. Vanguard – LeJeune
2. Louis La Roche – Fake Tan
3. Cherokee – Do It Again
4. Jean Tonique – My Baby
5. Tempogeist – Satisfy Me (ft. Louise)
6. Mjolnir – Yeah It’s You
7. Odahl – Beautiful Love
8. She Said Disco – Again & Again
9. Quinten 909 – Magic
10. Karl Rose – Drama Queen
11. Kartell – Cafe Double
12. The Phantom’s Revenge – Bananas
13. DJ Las K – Darlène
14. Sarlat – Diskokugel
15. Viceroy – Unwind
16. Combostar – I Want You
17. Galactik Knights – Escape
18. Go Go Bizkitt – Aftersun
19. PNTR – XI (Eleven)
20. JNL_CinemaFunk – One Sunday
21. Sweaters Beat – Space Love (ft. Lisa Dank)
22. Jeeks – Limitless
23. Aubrey – Loma
24. La Vogue – Eternel (ft. Darius)

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