Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Getting Weird with Nicolas Jaar

So. I'm going to change the tempo up a little bit and mix it up. This isn't disco. This isn't a rant about hipsters and lamps... or me bitching about any failed baking attempt. And I won't be discussing my drinking adventures either. You're welcome.

Enter: Nicolas Jaar.

I was first introduced to the music of Nicolas Jaar in an Orchard Lounge mix a few years ago, and I was obsessed with the song, but had no idea who it was by, or what it was called. Maybe you're familiar, too??

Nicolas Jaar - Mi Mujer (Wolf + Lamb 2010) by Clown and Sunset

After some detective work, and learning about Nicolas Jaar, I was hooked.

He produced his first record before he graduated high school, and is currently a student at Brown University. Did I mention he's only 21 years old? And really attractive? Clearly the last quality is the most relevant and important. . .

While he's cited as a house DJ, I think his music is unlike many other DJs out there. When I listen to his mixes, or his album, "Space is Only Noise," I get lost in his jazzy-soulful beats that uplift me while strangely calming me and making me forget that once again I'm stuck in a cubicle having a thoughtful dance party by myself. Mind = blown when I learned he has a live band that he occasionally tours with. His music is taken to a different level and his music, and the 'story' with the music isn't lost with the band.

This may not be for everyone, but I recommend giving his XLR8R Podcast a listen. Jaar gets a +1 (Google+ talk, DUH) because his track listing also has track times!

CSP04 ∆ NICOLAS JAAR for XLR8R by Clown and Sunset
0:00 - love sick - bob dylan (sony)
0:25 - what my last girl put me through - nicolas jaar (unreleased)
4:22 - after laughter comes tears (nicolas jaar edit) - wendy kane (unreleased)
7:31 - materials (nico's bluewave edit) - nicolas jaar (unreleased) /> 9:48 - thief (live set edit) - the enticers (unreleased)
11:03 - meeting john coltrane - pharoah sanders
11:54 - variations - nicolas jaar (circus company)
14:48 - hage chahine (featuring willl epstein) - nicolas jaar (wolf + lamb)
17:03 - dubliners - nicolas jaar (clown & sunset)
25:35 - colomb - nicolas jaar (circus company)
28:38 - avalanche (tribute to leonard cohen) - nicolas jaar (unreleased)
31:34 - russian dolls - nicolas jaar (clown & sunset)
35:52 - encore - nicolas jaar (unreleased)

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