Monday, January 14, 2013

DPC Guestmix Series 17: Funkdamentalist

Well, despite Mayan doomsday prophesies, we made it through 2012 and are ready to bring you even more music for your dancing pleasure in 2013.  Today, we present to you our first guestmix of the year, the 17th installment of our Guestmix Series, a mix from DC producer/DJ Bilal Arshad, AKA Funkamentalist.

Bilal Arshad is from the deep suburbs of Washington, DC and has recently rebranded himself with the moniker, Funkdamentalist.  His productions focus on the fundamentals of House music and tend to trend towards the deeper end of the House spectrum.  Starting at the end of 2012 into early 2013, Funkdamentalist has 4 EPs scheduled to be released on respected labels like i!Records, Headset Recordings, and Jesus Pablo and Di Riviera's Something Different Records.  I first saw him DJ when he opened for Pleasurekraft at U Street Music Hall this past December.  His set was incredible and set the tone for what was one of the most raucous nights of the year at our favorite club.

As of late, Bilal has been busy working on new productions and remixes, launching a record label, and playing DJ gigs around the city.  His most recent release, "One" came out on January 9th on Headset Records.  You can preview it below or purchase it here.  In addition, Bilal has teamed up with Sam Khosh (AKA Soul Sway) to launch their new imprint "Silence in Metropolis."  Expect some big things and great material to come out of this label in the coming years.  Bilal and Sam also have begun teaming up as a duo known as Two McFlys.  Together, they put together classic and contemporary sounds which draw influence from Deep, Techno, Garage, Detroit to Elecronica.  Definitely keep an eye out for them in 2013. 

This guestmix from Funkdamentalist clocks in at one second over an hour and features some incredible tracks as well as world premiere exclusive material.  It also includes two original tracks that he produced, and it will give you a good sense of his style as a DJ. I thoroughly enjoyed every track in this mix, so its hard to pick out a couple to mention as highlights.  More noteworthy, is how this mix flows from one track to the next, maintaining a deep, yet dancey theme.

This guestmix went straight onto my Ipod after my first listen and we really hope you enjoy it as well.  Big thanks to Funkdamentalist for taking the time to put it together for DPC.  Check out the interview while you listen to the mix (bottom of the page):

After the Jump...

DPC: We would like to thank you for taking the time to make this guestmix for DPC and our readers and for taking the time to answer some questions.  How would you characterize this guestmix you put together for us?

Funkdamentalist: These are my current musical loves. If you've heard my live set, then you've heard and (hopefully) danced to these tracks already. There are a couple of exclusive world premieres on this guestmix including my track "Waiting" and Matt Fear's remix of P.Lopez's "Shame". Both of these are forth coming on our record label "Silence In Metropolis". Also included is my new release on Headset Recordings "One".

DPC: How did you get into producing music and who are some of your biggest influences?  What do you enjoy more, DJing or producing?

Funkdamentalist: I used to make mashups using Acid back in the days... late 90's. I used to DJ at international events playing everything from Arabic to latin dance tracks and so I used to mash these international tracks with hip-hop & house beats. I was introduced to Ableton in mid 2000's and since then, it's been learning from doing. Influence-wise, it changes all the time. Currently I'm being inspired by Detroit Swindle's work. But over the years its been Miguel Migs, Daniel Bortz, Black Coffee, Henrik Schwarz, MK, Fred Everything and many more.

As far as DJing vs producing., well I was a DJ before I was producing and before even that I've always loved to dance. When I play a track that I've produced and I'm dancing with the crowd, that feeling is pretty cool.  Basically right now, I can't see myself doing one or the other, it has to be both.

DPC: Your new track "One" was just released on January 9.  Can you tell us a little about it?

Funkdamentalist: It's one of my favorite tracks that I've produced. I wrote the lyrics down a while ago. There's just so much hate in the world and I feel like its because we don't stop to think about who we really are. We're all connected and if we just thought about that and the fact that we're the universe contemplating itself.  We're all on a small planet, in an un-imaginably vast universe.  Maybe, just maybe, we'll take care of each other a little more. I want my son to grow up in a caring and loving world, so that's where this track comes from.

DPC: You and Sam Khosh have teamed up as Two McFlys and also partnered up to start a record label, Silence In Metropolis. Can you tell us about these projects?

Funkdamentalist: Two McFlys is a very cool project I'm doing with Sam. Sam showed me some of the ins and outs of Ableton so I'm really excited to work with him on this. We've made one EP that we've played out a few times and has gotten a great response from the dancefloor. We'll be releasing more information about this project soon so keep a watch out for that.

I can't tell you how excited I am about our new imprint Silence In Metropolis. We have amazing artists signed, some are very well established and some are new, but all of them have unique sounds that we absolutely love. Expect artists that are already on labels such as OFF Recordings, Noir, Hot Waves, Nurvous, Dogmatik and many others. The first release is going to mastering this weekend and the first vinyl should be out in mid to late February.

DPC: What can we expect to see from the Fundamentalist in 2013?

Funkdamentalist: I have another EP coming out on Jesus Pablo's Something Different Records in February. I also did a remix of a Dual T track for Wez Saunder's label Univaled Music that just went to promo this weekend. This remix will be out on Feb 11th. I've done two more remixes that will be coming out Spring time and of course my EP on Silence In Metropolis that will be out in May or June. So a lot of exciting stuff this year, I'm so grateful to be doing what I'm doing.

DPC: What have you been listening to and which artists have you been impressing you the most lately?

Funkdamentalist: Lately I've had tracks from Silence In Metropolis on rotation on my mp3 player. I can't believe the amazing music we'll be releasing. Besides that, I've been so in love with Detroit Swindle's music. Every single track or remix they've released I've loved. Of course Dusky is another name that has been releasing quality tunes. Other artists that I recommend are Leftwing & Kody, Dale Howard, and some that I feel people should look up: Ruben F, Nick Devon, Harry Wolfman, Alfred Taylor.

DPC: Last but not least, our trademark question; What is you favorite dance move?

Funkdamentalist: The nod. You know the smile and nod that you do when you dig a tune? That. Everyone does it, even the ones too lazy to dance. It's simple and universal way of saying, "yea, this is dope."

1. Satin Jackets - Girl Forever - [ Dikso ]
2. John Talabot - So Will Be Now Ft. Pional - [ Permanent Vacation ]
3. Maya Jane Coles - Easier To Hide - [ I/AM/ME ]
4. Funkdamentalist - One - [ Headset Recordings ]
5. Nick Devon - Nobody - [ 3am Recordings ]
6. Alfred Taylor - What You Need - [ Lower East ]
7. Funkdamentalist - Waiting - [ Silence In Metropolis ]
8. Detroit Swindle - John Doe - [ Dirt Crew Recordings ]
9. Leftwing & Kody - You Don't Know - [ OFF Recordings ]
10. Huxley - Let It Go - [ Hypercolour ]
11. Tough Love - The Night Is Calling (Tom Budden Remix) - [ Runnin Wild ]
12. Doomwork - This! - [ Street King ]
13. P.Lopez - Shame (Matt Fear Remix) - [ Silence In Metropolis ]


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