Monday, November 19, 2012

GuestMix Series Volume 14 - Jackson - PB&J for DPC

It’s GuestMix time again folks! And DPC is very excited to share this with one with you all. We have had some especially strong mixes from some of our favorite DJ’s lately. Today’s installment is certainly no different. It comes by way of Jackson (a.k.a Dr. Tobias Funke of Pnut Butter and Jams).

Jackson is a native to the District -Automatic bonus points-. He’s fellow electronic music writer and aficionado over at PB&J, and not a bad DJ as you will come to know. Jackson has only been jockeying discs for a handful of years, but has a been very busy at his craft. His popular and well executed “Swimsuit” monthly series of mixes has garnered him well deserved attention. The series ranges from Funk to NuDisco, and even dives into Deep House. You can -and very well should- check out the “Swimsuit” series below:

Volume 7 was a particular favorite of mine and was full of sexy summertime vibes.

Jackson does a bit of producing on the side as well. Take listen to this reinterpretation of Anna Lunoe & Touch Sensitive’s “Real Talk.” It’s a quirky yet deep take on the summer anthem.

Before we dive into the GuestMix he has put together for us. Let’s see if we can’t get to know the man a little better.

Jackson took a moment to let DPC pick his brain...

Interview and mix after the jump

DPC: Disco or Deep House?

Jackson: Disco to start the party and to allow the crowd to feel the groove, then slowly slip deeper and deeper bringing the crowd under the grips of underground house, via some old school MJ Cole, Amine Edge, Eats Everything, etc. That's an ideal DJ set in my book.

DPC: Peanut butter: Crunchy or Creamy?

Jackson: Ha! Ironic little side note: I was allergic to peanut butter until just about the time we started PB&J. Creamy PB all the way.

DPC: “Call Me Maybe” or “Levels”?

Jackson: Woof. Neither. But if you're gonna put a gun to my head over it, I'd have to go all out and somehow finagle a Call Me Maybe-Levels mashup...which might be the most heinous thing imaginable.

DPC: Boxers or Brief?

Jackson: Most any day, I would say boxers for breathing room. But if you're going to a show (for example a DPC party or something on the scale of a Claude VonStroke sweat-fest), briefs are recommended for added support and comfort. Also, commando is an option if you're feeling particularly dangerous.

DPC: Music Writer or DJ?

Jackson: Obviously, I have some bias, but I feel the two go hand in hand. DJs strive to find new music, pick out elements in songs that really make people move and execute it in front of an audience. Music writers selectively find music that needs to be heard and present it to their audience. Both writer and DJ aim to give their audience a unique experience and play music that should be heard. Both are true students of music and it's only more valuable and rewarding to be a music writer and DJ.

DPC: Traktor or Serato or...?

Jackson:I've been a large supporter of Native Instruments for a few years now as a solid alternative to Pioneer, which has clearly established itself as the industry standard. Traktor s4 has such a tight integration between computer and hardware - really couldn't ask for more in an organized package.

DPC: Favorite drink?

Jackson: Jameson and coke. And white Russians. Also, if you're ever at a bar with me and offer a tequila shot, fuck you. That's lethal...and the current cause of my hangover.

DPC: "Go-to" dance move?

Jackson: Standing off to the side and staring down the girl you really wanna get with. Works like a charm every time.

DPC: Lastly, describe the mix you've put together for us (and/or thought that went into it?

Jackson: Having grown up in DC my whole life, I wanted to put together something that would capture the sound and energy of the city itself. I remember as a kid the raw, primal sound of DC go-go music - I never had any idea what it was or what any of the lyrics were - but the power in simple snares and garage-like groovy music really stuck with me through the years. Go-go music has a polarizing opinion for some people, but it is distinctly DC and first sparked my interest in expanding my musical knowledge through hip-hop, house, disco and deep house.

Other than a few street performers banging away on trash cans, go-go music isn't a huge influence any longer within DC. The songs I've selected for this mix were inspired by the garage sounds of go-go. Popping snares, moving hi-hats and just so much collective energy - all set to deep rolling basslines - I think captures the music scene of DC. Of course, this mix has a definite deep house slant to it because that's MY interest, but here's to the intersection of Washington DC and the music I love.

Huge “Thank You” to Jackson for chatting it up with us and providing us with this serious House mix.

Here it is folks, Jackson’s PB&J Mix for DPC.


1. Holt Blackheath - Machine (Original Mix)
2. Mad Villains - Nostalgia
3. Osprey Heights - Take Me Higher (Wellsaid & Rubberteeth remix)
4. Yooj - Dream Dish
5. Eats Everything - Trubble
6. Shadow Child - String Thing
7. Proxy - Junk
8. Tensnake - Mainline (Dub mix)
9. Zak Toms - Bring Me Down (Stanton Warriors Vocal Mix)
10. Catz n Dogz - Jon Bovi
11. Justin Martin - Don't Go (Dusky remix)
12. Hot Natured, Ali Love - Forward Motion (MK Reverse Mix)
13. DJ Le Roi - I Loved You First (Nikola Gala remix)
14. Dino Lenny, Hardrive - A DJ Deep Inside (Shadow Child Vocal Mix)
15. Celsius - Must Be You

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