Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Ultimate Music Guide to Surviving Road Trips

There have not been any educational posts in a while and I feel like DPC needs to lay down some knowledge for all of you. We all win in these "educational posts". It makes me feel smarter (really, it does) and you guys feel more enlightened and take away some very valuable information.

Exhibit A: How To Survive a Work Day after Dance Partying All Night
Exhibit B: Dance Party Education
Exhibit C: How To Find Music

Right now, we're all traveling to festivals, shows, beaches, and vacations. We're all moving and shaking and hopefully bringing along our own dance parties as we go from point a to point b.

The issue at hand is I've got a pretty limited catalog when it comes to mixes whilst traveling. I have my "go-to" mixes, forcing anyone and everyone to listen to in my car. By the end of the trip, they probably want to kill me. So... after racking my brain for more ideas, I decided to take a different route with this. You guys already know I love disco dance parties. You know I love deep house. You know I freaking like to get weird. Maybe you even know I occasionally like to blast, "Call me, Maybe." Basically, I'd just bring the same dang thing to the table, and what's the fun in that? So for the last few days I've been polling different sources to put together the ultimate "Music Guide to Surviving Road Trips".

I don't want to insult your intelligence (or maybe I'm just saying these things because I've done the same thing), but let's get one thing straight when you're on a road trip: you need to have the necessary equipment while traveling. That means you should probably have some or all of the following to ensure your road trip does not completely fail. This also means that you’ve successfully found a way not to talk to your passengers most of the trip - because who really wants to do that?

  • Some type of mp3 player (Smartphones are also good if you can stream SoundCloud)
  • CDs (To play in your car - yes, some of us have to do that because we own shitty cars. And by some of us, I mean me..)
  • Auxilary cable to hook up mp3 player
  • Headphones
  • Charger for said player
  • Red Bull, Coffee, anything caffeinated
  • CANDY (i.e. swedish fish, anything chocolate, sour gummy worms, skittles...)

Below you'll see two categories; there are only two because as I was "researching" I found that people either recommended a mix that was for either:


1. Driving, spacing out, and not really thinking about anything, OR
2. Driving fast, risking potential speeding tickets, rage mode, let's party and chug five Red Bulls

So yea, you should totally trust the judgment of the people below. A lot of them are "in the know," meaning they enjoy music just as much, if not more than me and they also happen to be my friends. My friends = good music taste, duh. With that being said, if you are in the mood to "space out on your long trip, forget about the music and just enjoy it," keep reading. If you want to “drive fast, risk potential speeding tickets, pound Red Bull and party,” on your drive, continue to option 2.

Happy driving, people ;)

Option 1:

Aeroplane - Flying Mix (Click for Download)

Ingo Sagener - @ ByteFM 24.10.11

Julio Bashmore - Essential Mix BBC Radio 1

Zimmer - Desert Drive (April Mixtape)

Option 2:

The Revenge - Pulse Radio Mix (Also been said to be great for workouts)

Abakus - Jaguar Sessions (Click for Download)

Maya Jane Coles - Essential mix BBC Radio 1

Tiger & Woods - Beats in Space

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