Friday, June 1, 2012

State of the Dancefloor and Chris Hingher's Pumpdiscomix#3

Today we want to keep you dance partiers up-to-date with the DPC happenings and share some exciting news (and a mix, of course!). We hope you enjoyed our second Summer Series GuestMix, by Satin Jackets, posted early this week. Judging by the pageviews, it’s quickly becoming one of our most popular! Look out for another exciting next installment toward the end of the month.

Speaking of things to look forward to, if you were unable to make it to Movement Festival (DEMF) this past weekend, we’ve got your back. Next week we’ll be providing some post-fest coverage. One half the DPC crew journeyed to the Motor City and back; risking life, limb, and sobriety to not only dance on your behalf, but to bring back a first hand account of their experience to share with us all. They’ve recouped and recovered and have been tirelessly piecing the weekend together. So stay tuned in next week for that.

Now for a few exciting announcements!

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Matthew “Mr. Bonkerz” Lipsit. You might have heard of him. The original DPC friend. He’s been a supporter of this little operation as long and as much as we’ve been fans of him. Well now we’re excited to announce and officially welcome The Bonk Man to the DPC family!.


We’ve mentioned before that this was going to be an exciting summer. It started with the with addition of the talented and equally crazy DJ/producer/dance-maniac, William DeVon to the team, then came the Summer Series GuestMixes, next our fancy new logos, and now, this: DPC is getting bigger and better. We’re especially confident in that fact now Mr. Bonkerz will contribute not only blog content, with his knowledge and passion for all things Disco, but furthermore, he’ll be joining us our newest resident DJ.

We’re honored to have one DC’s finest selectors as a part of the crew, and in the mix, on and off the dancefloor.

Welcome, Mr. Bonkerz! Let’s make’em dance...

With that said, join the DPC crew tonight at the monthly Disco throw down, Shenaniganz. This a particularly special edition since we’ll be welcoming not only a new crew member, but also celebrating the return and addition of DJ Remote CTRL to the party. You’ll be able to catch DPC’s Bonk and CTRL at 930Club BackBar every month starting tonight. So come say “What’s up?”, then have a round, a high-five, and a dance with the us!

I’m sure the excitement of those announcements has made you so very eager for a dance party. As promised, here’s a mix that had me ready to get up and move while writing this post. Pumpdiscomix#3 comes by way of DJ/Producer, Chris Hingher. The mix is full of NuDisco/House jammers. The dark and sexy intro builds nicely and leads you to some familiar dancefloor-fillers like Debonair’s “Why” and Moon Boots’ “Got Somebody,” which have an extra slick transition between them. Attar!’s take on “I Like It” shifts the dance party gear up notch. It’s followed by recently released “Traffic”, by A.N.D.Y. & Vincente; a great selection and personal favorite. The mix goes a deep and sexy with Heston’s Avernger remix of “Stunk”, which is one of Chris’ own productions. Keep your ears open for The Mekanism baby-making Deep House take on the Mario Basanov track, “We Are Child Love.” Finishing strong, the last few tracks of the mix follow suit to keep you moving till the end.


1.Fleetwood Mac - Dreams
2.Kartell - Pantera
3.Debonair - why ?
4.Moon Boots - Got Somebody
5.Woohoo & Demarzo - Caterpillars (DeMarzo remix)
6.Adamski - i like it (Attar! remix)
7.A.N.D.Y. & Vicente - traffic
8.Chris Hingher feat.Melaverde - Stunk (Heston's Avenger remix)
9.SPF 5000 - Doorknocker (Louie Fresco remix)
10.Mario Basanov - we are child love (The Mekanism remix)
11.Partick Alvi - how much that you mean to me (Miguel Campbell remix)
Be sure to check out Chris Hinger other mixes and releases.

**If you hadn't noticed already, DC is getting a bit rowdy as of late. If you’re in the DC Metro Area, look out DPC's William Devon to be on the decks at Velvet Lounge this Saturday, and not mention some of our other favorite local DJs spreading dance parties across the city. **

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