Monday, April 16, 2012

Album Review: Soul Clap's "EFUNK"

"When our forefathers and foremothers were behind closed doors, love was being made to the EFUNK. A circumcised man gains powers of our universe, shaping him into a being of interplanetary dopiness…"

The Boston duo Soul Clap has brought the funky deep-house summer-jam goodness into a full length album entitled EFUNK (Everybody's Freaky Under Nature's Kingdom). This debut album from the hip-hop inspired house dj/producers was itself inspired from a mixtape they released in 2010, easily one of my favorite mixtapes. It features artists like Dam Funk and Snoop Dogg, and has close to 40 tracks of head bobbin' funkiness.
EFUNK is going to be released April 20th on Wolf + Lamb records. It starts off with an intro that I can only imagine they made in a time machine that went back to their childhood and then forward to capture the future of sounds to come. Spaced-out trippy vocals, not to mention a jazzy horn that makes me think of the cantina scene from Star Wars, give you an introduction to the futuristic soundscape of the album . EFUNK features some of Soul Clap's close friends such as Baby Prince, AKA Gadi Mizrahi of Wolf + Lamb, and Greg Paulus from No Regular Play. Unlike other previous Soul Clap releases, this thirteen track album was not created so much for DJ's or dance floors. It doesn't incorporate intro/outros and isn't constructed with typical consistent phrasing. Rather, it is borders on being conceptual.

Recorded in their Miami studio, EFUNK will contain their first original tracks in nearly two years! Worth the wait? Most def! This is the kinda album you put on when you’re having that deck party filled with day drinking and Kings. It will take you back to all the fun bass driven tracks you listened to in your 90's childhood. Still don't get it? This is how Eli Goldstein AKA Elyte and Charles Levine AKA Cnyce describe the EFUNK album:

"Before today there was yesterday and after tomorrow is the future, but what happened in-between? The dark age of lost-cool, a time of dimensional imbalance when music was devoured by a black-hole of wackness. Now, marked by a solar-flare in the funky constellations, Soul Clap delivers a galactic renaissance to fill our ears with interplanetary consciousness and emancipate our booties from the androids of dancefloor repetition. The days of EFUNK are upon us, restoring dopeness in the universe, as we groove on and move on together in intergalactic harmony!"- Wolf +Lamb Records

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Soul Clap released a few singles from the album onto their soundcloud page last week."Let It Go feat Roldy Cezaire" was featured in Mixmag Presents: The Further Adventures Of Soul Clap that dropped earlier this year. The songs has a wicked 90's sounding 808 drum beat with smooth-sailing synths all being driven by a really deep belly-wrenching bass line. I dare you- no I double dare you- to try and stay still while listening to this track!

"When the soul claps we shake our booty but stay mind to the fact that we exist."

The second track released was "The Clapping Song" (feat Baby Prince & The Fam). Pool party anyone? Even with the creepy voice and puppets featured in the video, I still get down with this song. Mostly because it indeed makes me want to clap. The song starts off with strong, heavy kicks and fresh funking guitar licks played by Charles Levine, who also plays one mean kazoo! Another notable track features Mel Blatt from the all girl pop group All Saints. She wrote and sang “Esctasy”, as well as lent her lucid vocals on “Need Your Lovin” , arguably one of the best tracks on the release. Her voice sails over the spaced-out track’s classic grand piano, and heartbeat-like kick drums and handclaps like a sultry UFO. The rest of the song is fueled with cow bells, wind chimes, and various other percussive instruments all layered with record scratches and filters.

“Soul Clap´s training goes beyond history lessons to mastering all the elements of the DJ: knowledge, mixing, programming, performance and experience. As true conquerers of all earth territory, their EFUNK mission shares a magnum of wisdom, its timeless frequencies bringing new levels of consciousness through time and space to be shared for many moons to come”-FACT Magazine

Every summer Soul Clap seamlessly drops a classic “summer jam”. Two years ago it was “Extravaganza” and last year they hit us with “Lonley C”. Charlie's voice seems to be a driving factor in the success of these tracks and the overall sound and soul of the duo. I wouldn't be surprised if “Trouble Trouble Trouble” is highly recognized as this year's cosmic funk summer jizzy-jam! Overall I think this album has a great assortment of tracks. If you have any sort of interest in deep space soul searching...Efunk is the album for your pre-summer goodness!

Preview of the album can be found at Wolf + Lamb Music and will be available to purchase April 20th.


01. EFunk Intro
02. Take It Slow feat Franceska
03. The Alezby Inn feat The Genevan Heathen
04. Let It Go feat Roldy Cezaire
05. When The Soul Claps feat Lazarus Man
06. Lets Groove On feat Jules Born
07. Ecstacy feat Mel Blatt
08. Clapping Song ft. Baby Prince & The Fam
09. TroubleTroubleTrouble
10. Walk With A Clap
11. Need Your Lovin feat Mel Blatt
12. Islands In Space Part 1
13. Islands In Space Part 2 feat. Greg Paulus 

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