Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Figure of 8 - BBC Across the Line Mix

I hope that everyone had a weekend full of car bombs, green beer, and questionable life decisions. I (unfortunately) spent most of it administering a certification exam for work. Don't feel too sorry for me though; I was out the celeraging with U Street Music Hall (2 years old!) - my own St. Patrick's day with Four Tet on Tuesday (holy marry me, Kieran) and then got weird across the district with a disco dance party benefit and Maceo Plex on Thursday.

Life is all about compromise (in theory) and sometimes going into work with stamps still on your hand (despite trying to wash them off whilst showering) is exactly what you need. And then... you find yourself eating Thai food in your hotel room alone, while watching re-runs of That 70s Show on St. Patrick's Day. #dontalljumptobemyfriend

In fact, the closest I got to anything St. Patrick's day related was receiving a text from Tyler (mid-afternoon, mind you), alerting me that I should come hang out once I got off from work because car bombs were being had and we needed to have a serious meeting over them. When I finally left Northern Virginia on Sunday afternoon, I immediately grabbed my phone to stalk SoundCloud (like a freak). The hotel I was at didn't have good service, and passing out around 10:30 at night on Friday and Saturday left little time for browsing of dance parties. Enter: Figure of 8's BBC Across the Line mix. 30 minutes of dance party goodness filled with energy. Just what I needed after a music-less weekend. #winning

If you're not familiar with Figure of 8, you should totally get into it! Dermot McGowan, the UK producer genius behind Figure of 8, debuted his first EP "No one Cries for Me" from On the Fruit Records, this past February and it does not disappoint. The original features haunting, yet beautiful vocals from Sophie Galphin and all of the remixes are spot on. Each one I listen to I love and am obsessed with, and you should be too! This EP is probably my favorite of 2012 thus far - it's that good.

Figure Of 8 Feat. Sophie Galpin - No One Cries For Me EP by On The Fruit Records

The mix starts out with A.N.D.Y.'s (formerly 1/2 of Mustang) remix of Supermen Lovers, "Say no More" and transitions nicely into Mario Basanov's (obsessed with this guy lately!) remix of "Can't Believe" around the 3:40 mark. Mario Basanov is currently a favorite of mine and as my friend pointed out, my head almost exploded from awesomeness cause this track is SO. FREAKING. GOOD.

Crazy P - Changes (Mario Basanov Remix) 12'' by Mario Basanov

I especially enjoyed this mix because around the halfway mark it picks up a deep house with Romanthony's track, "Hold On". The weird continues and is nicely rounded out with Soul Clap's, "Need Your Lovin'" song from their debut album release (on 4/20 - btw), EFUNK.

It pairs nicely with a large cup of coffee, so give this 30 minute mix a listen to get your Tuesday morning going. And if you're in the area this weekend (I'll be running around Philly with some of my favorite people.), check out our event page for what's going on in the district because DC is for disco <3ers.

Figure of 8 -BBC Across the Line Mix by Figure Of 8
The Supermen Lovers - Say No More (A.N.D.Y. Remix)
The Mekanism- Can't Believe (Mario Basanov Remix)
Medicine 8 and Kurtis Hardrive- Cry Baby
Light Year- Moderation
Jonquil - It's My Part - Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs Remix
Romanthony-Hold on (Logo's Hold-up)
Kid Kidnap-Lazarus Taxon
Maribou State-Olivia (Mao Remix)
Soul clap feat Mel Blatt- Need your lovin


  1. AH! Running around Philly <3 Can't wait! Baking, disco-ing and Hunger Games watching.