Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day From DPC and CLV

Here’s one from DPC extended family, C’est Le’VeeProductions. It’s a little different from our usual content, but it’s Valentine’s Day…and Music is Love, so naturally I felt the need to share a little with you all!

What we’ve got is a 2 Hour “MegaMix” by Producer/DJ Lance “DJ Creole” Miller, himself. The New Orleans native recently made a trip to our nation’s capitol, and left inspired enough to put together this behemoth of a mix. Love and baby-making themed, the track selection spans from recognizable old school disco and slo-jams (that were more than likely involved in your conception) to their more or less cotemporary counterparts (that you probably had your first awkward make-out session to at your school dance). It’s a mixed, mashed, and blended set of sexy, romantic, and good-time vibes. Not to mention, it is “narrated” by President Obama and the First Lady. That is, vocal snippets from the first family guide the sonic journey of Love that this mix takes us on.  Alright, give it a listen, and be sure to show a little love to Ces’t Le’Vee Productions. They’ve supported DPC from the start and we wish them the best.  

Happy Valentine’s Day, Dance Partiers!

Remember, Music is Love…So share some (and dance of course). 

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