Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Sleazy McQueen - House of Disco GuestMix

Happy "Hump" Day!

Here's a guestmix from Sleazy McQueen done for the good folks over at The House of Disco. Prep your ears for a down-and-dirty Disco/House romp. This is funky, sexy, dance party approved music.Sleazy has a knack for this sort of thing; thiis mix opens with the down-and-dirty stuff, makes its way to some more energetic Nu/Disco, then things get real sleazy when McQueen drops some jackin' House ("Hump Day" music indeed). There's not a lot of us "Yanks" doing it in Disco, and even fewer doing it as well as Sleazy. His aptly named label "Whiskey Disco" (coincidentally enough, that's what I like to call my weekend outings), is home to his fantastic Disco edits. No tracklist, but you'll here some in this mix. Alright, have at it and enjoy!

Sleazy McQueen - House of Disco Guestmix by House of Disco Records

Souncloud has been acting up lately, so here's an alternative stream just in case:

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