Monday, September 5, 2011

Tronik Youth - September 2011 Mix

Happy Labor Day! We aren't in cubicles or at desks today, but that doesn't mean we can't supply dance parties for your Monday afternoon. If you haven't given the Jamie Jones mix a listen, I highly recommend it (14'ish mins in, I LOVE!!!). I also highly recommend not judging me for waking up to a whiskey bottle sitting on my dresser.

I've always enjoyed Tronik Youth's monthly mixes, and now that August is over, a slew of new mixes are popping up. Neil Parnell, the DJ/Producer behind Tronik Youth hails from London and he just dropped his September Mix for our listening pleasure.

I'm a huge fan of Poolside's song "Harvest Moon" that gets going around the 4:45 minute mark because it takes me to my happy place that features a tropical paradise with a never-ending buffet of cupcakes and chocolate. She, Junkie Wife's song, "Ain't Coming Down" that follows "Harvest Moon" is one track I wasn't familiar, but I liked what I heard. A LOT. The latter half of the mix features some of the newer songs that have dropped at the end of the summer, including an exclusive mix of the new Legowelt mix of Tyson's song "After You're Gone" around the 1:03 mark.

Listen. Dance party. Stretch and repeat.

Sept mix 2011 by tronikyouth

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